Biographical Statement

A lot can be said about Candace, and besides her impeccable style of negotiations, unwavering determination, and brilliant problem-solving skills, Candace has natural compassion to the perspective and needs of other people-a distinctive quality that she honed working as an administrative assistant, with a social service agency that renders services to the developmentally disabled, and as she served as a paralegal  in the Silicon Valley-all jobs which require one to be extremely sensitive towards the needs of others.

Although originally from Columbus, Ohio, her single mom and her two brothers moved to Oakland, California, where the family resided for 26 years. In all this time, Candace grew up understanding her area perfectly well. She learned to appreciate the many intangible benefits of living in the Bay Area, including witnessing the growth of Silicon Valley to what it is today. But, little did she know, this was her formative years that would later cement her career as a real estate broker.

Known by her clients as a patient, most honest, and caring professional, and always prompt to help them at any time of the day and night, Candace has become the go-to broker with a strong reputation of serving her clients diligently while protecting their interests.

Today, Candace specializes in helping first-time VA buyers. According to her, “The VA buyer has dedicated time and service to our country, and it is rewarding to help them buy and build their real estate portfolios.”

Once you work with Candace, you will quickly realize that integrity is at the core of her business model. From the preparation stage of either buying or selling your home, Candace will walk with you to the final stage, which explains why she is exceptionally well respected in Chula Vista, not just for her ethical business standards but also for being a strong single mom with four children and four grandchildren.

As a testament to her exceptional services, Candace boasts of having stayed 15 years in the industry, mainly serving personal referrals, which is the foundation of her career. She has a strong philosophical perspective of homeownership and believes that the American Dream is still alive. She is communicative, patient, thorough, and keen on every detail kind of person who you can be sure to stick with you till the end.